Where and How to get Accounting jobs in South Africa

Though accounting jobs should be in plenty, they are increasingly become scarce yet those needing to find accounting jobs are increasing. Just like the marketing and finance jobs, accounting jobs also command a big salary. An accountant can fill any management position just because the subject is a bit dynamic.

My first advise to those looking for accounting jobs is that they should also look beyond the box and also apply for other management jobs since many of such jobs require people who studied accounting.

The worst side of it is that people who have studied accounting are no longer rare, many people today have accounting qualification and many more are soon getting them. To be out of the big cloud of the people who are looking for accounting jobs, an accountant should always strive to add to the qualifications they have. This means that if you have an accounting diploma you should go for an accounting degree and the one with a first degree should go for masters.

Many employers today also prefer workers with accounting professional qualifications like ACCA and CIMA which are internationally recognized. If you have them, it will get easier fort you to get an accounting job and you will have reduced on the job competition you will have to deal with. So, as you look for accounting jobs, make sure you also get time to study some professional accounting qualifications.

For those of you who read my job search advice, you must have noted that I always emphasize networking for jobs. Many companies get job vacancies every day and if you have many friends who matter in such companies, at one time, one will have to tell you about a vacancy. Some companies fear to go public in announcing jobs in order to protect their public image. Therefore, making friends among people who work will help, and what I know is that making a friend is not had.

You should not forget that when you go for an accounting job interview, things will get practical, so you should make sure you do not forget to make your balance sheets and reconciliation statements. This where people with fewer academic papers beat those with many when it comes to accounting jobs.

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