Top 3 Ways to Deal With Uncertainty at Work

Change is a factor of life, bound to happen any time, anywhere. The work place is thus not an exception. The fear of change at the organization, for instance the expectation of a layoff, reshuffle, demotion at the current high rates of unemployment brings with it fear, stress, working in doubt, lack of motivation as one imagines joblessness after losing the cherished job or financial strain after a demotion.

For an organization, this has an effect on the performance at the organisation and so is the out put and revenue. For an employee, it can lead to joblessness if one fails to prepare adequately on the other hand lead poor performance and stress even when no sacking, demotion or reshuffle is to happen.

This therefore calls for call for identifying the best ways of how to handle any uncertainty at the organisation. Here are three ways to help one deal with uncertainty at work.

Get the right information

As an employee, seek the right information in case of rumors at the organization. The right information should be got from communication or public relations officers. This saves one from being affected by rumours or any unclear information.

Let organizations communicate any change effectively

No organization will avoid change. Downsizing, firing, promotions, demotions or reshuffles are the necessary for the well being of any company.If any change is to take place, communication managers at the organization have to save employees of uncertainty by avoiding any prior informal communication concerning the matter.

In case of emerging speculations or rumors concerning the firing or layoff, Managers involved in handling the layoffs must deliver the clear and consistent message to employees as first as possible. In this communication, the circumstances leading to the layoff decision must be made clear.

With the current rates of unemployment, it is also good to support employees as they enter into another fresh search of a job. Some of the ways of supporting employees include: offering counseling services, offering them recommendation letters or job referrals.

Prepare your self

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Said Jimmy Dean

A lay off thus does not mean that you career goals should come to a halt, respond in a helpful way to get another job than panic and pondering over the loss of one. Move on to achieve your goals. Prepare by making your Curriculum Vitae ready; update it with any additional skills and knowledge you have acquired at that organisation to make it worthy of a fresh job search.

On top of that you can sharpen your skills, make research on how to fare at the next interview and new job you are looking forward to attain.

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