The Rise of Telecommute (Remote Working) Jobs in South Africa

With the Increasing evidence to suggest that Remote Work does not decrease output, many South African companies are now implementing work from home opportunities for South Africans.  During the Covid Lockdown, around 4 million South Africans lost their jobs.  This is probably due to the fact that companies and institutions could no longer support the salaries in a period where it was hard for any organization to break even.

However, it opened a new door for Remote or work from home jobs which are sometimes known as Telecommute Jobs.  There are now many companies basing entirely on reworking, its becoming a “new normal”. Remote working is a concept that a person can work away from the usual office environment probably from a home.

Reasons Why Remote Working is Taking Shape;

Corona virus – Self Quarantine (Short term)

With Quarantine Measures in Place, the safest bait has been Remote working.  To curb the spread of the virus, people who come into contact with positive people are advised to self quarantine. However, many of such people are healthy and can ably work.  Companies have always seen it fit to put such people to work thus the need for remote working

Improved productivity

Research has shown that remote working improves productivity of worker. Earlier people had thought that remote working would stifle productivity. However, it has been discovered that it reduces travel times of employees and workers settle faster at work, for that reason, companies are looking at it as an emerging alternative which is here and to stay.

Access to skilled staff outside of your region

This is a very important factor which is influencing the growth of remote or telecommute working. A skilled worker can stay at their place and yet work for a company far away. In the past, some companies had failed to attract skilled workers who could not move away from their places of residence due to a number of factors.  Such factors could include a lack of desire to travel or family issues.

Staff retention

Many workers who had found it hard to move to work due to issue related to travel or even the undesired working environment ended up resigning from work all together.  But today, such staff can ably remain employees at the same companies while working remotely. This has helped companies to retain their employees who would have left the companies.

Younger skilled workers expect some remote working days.  

Young people probably need to be free from some stressing environments and they would want to work at their own pace. For that reason, they would prefer remote working to the conventional office work.  Young people also do not prefer too much physical monitoring.

The South African Scenario

During the Covid Lockdown, nearly four million South Africans lost their jobs. Others could not travel to work due to the travel restrictions imposed by the government. But with many companies still needing employee input, remote work became necessary. As we talk, many companies are preferring remote workers.  This means that a serious employer should empower him/her self to be able to work remotely.

Where to Find Remote Work Jobs

The best places to find remote work or telecommute jobs are the jobs websites. Many of them are having sections for remote jobs. BestZaJobs is one of the South African jobs websites which lists a number of telecommute jobs.  Such jobs are also listed in newspapers and government gazettes.  

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