Video Interview dos and don’ts

With the introduction of technology and now the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies may opt for video interviews, instead of face to face interviews. However, this doesn’t make them less serious. Here are a few tips on how to ace that video interview.


The right camera; by the virtue of the fact that it is a video interview, the type of camera matters a lot, this also depends on which kind of video interview it is; it could be pre-recorded or live. Knowing which kind it is will help you make the right decision in choosing the camera or webcam to use. This will help you choose the right gadget, phone or laptop? The choice is yours, just make sure it will have a good picture of you. If it is not good, then your interviewer may find it hard to assess you depending on what you submitted. So make sure you choose right.

Good lighting; for a good video, you will need to choose the right lighting. If you are the kind that may not have access to studio lights, then it may be prudent for you to take the interview mid-morning before the sun starts burning, the lighting at this time is perfect, not so soft, and not so harsh like the afternoon light. This will mean you will be able to appear well composed and minimize shadows, remove wrinkles and make you look beautiful. If you have friends who own a studio, this may be the right time to reach out to them to help you set you up with the lighting you need.

Microphone; whether you are using a phone or a computer, you need the right kind of microphone because you want to be audible enough and clear. So headsets may be a necessity for you, they will help you speak and be audible enough, they will also help to filter out any unnecessary noise.

Background; believe it or not, what your background is is very important. Remember, you are interviewing for a job; that means that you need a background that will be representative of your personality yet not distractive to your interviewer. Try using a plain wall or bookshelf or plain curtain will do the trick. Try to stay away from mirrors because something may be reflected in it that may be embarrassing to you.

Eye contact; when doing video interviews, you might have to keep eye contact at all times with the interviewer, if need be, resize your webcam such that your maintain eye contact. Relax, blink as usual and try as much as possible to maintain a level eye. Try to stay away from coming off as too intense or too weak, you have to be confident.

Smile; just because it is a video interview, does not mean you have to be stuck up, smile, just enough to be polite and ease off the stress. This will show how pleasant you are an enjoyable person to work with, that will be a plus for you.

Setting; where are you going to have your interview from? That is one of the most important things to consider. You might want to find a place that has fewer distractions, less background noise, consider a warm environment, one that will boost your confidence and enable you to ace that interview. Think about practicing the interview prior to the day of the interview.

Internet; since you are going to have a live connection, especially if you are going live, a good internet connection is a must, your interviewer may not be patient or understanding enough to wait for you. So ensure that you hook yourself up with a good internet connection so that you don’t get disruptions.


Don’t have stand-by notes on how best to answer certain questions; this is will disrupt the natural flow of the interview and you may end up making mistakes, this is equivalent to cheating during an exam, stay away from it. Instead, practice ahead of time how to answer questions such that you are affluent.

Don’t let anyone else into your shot, this means no one should be behind you or around if possible. If they are, it will only amount to distractions and sometimes, if you are not careful, total disturbances, even it is your cat or dog. You need to create a professional environment to show the interviewer that you prepared and planned ahead of time such that you have time set aside for you to do the interview. Don’t pause or turn off your video; do not be tempted to pause or turn off your video for whatever reason, unless you request for a break, which is also not good. Even when you feel you need time out, stick it out, be patient, until the interview ends. If you do, a strange mood will turn on and your interviewer may not be understanding