Lowest In Demand Jobs in South Africa.

There are some job categories in which are not in demand compared to others, that means it will be hard for anyone with qualifications of those categories to a get a job. However, it all depends on the province and specific location, for example, a low demand job in Limpopo may be a high demand job in Gauteng.

Research by employment agencies and jobs sites like Adzuna has also come up with detailed information on Low Demand Jobs in South Africa. In this article, i analysed a number of jobs sites to see which jobs were less advertised by province.


Being the most populous City of South Africa, Johannesburg is the number one jobs hot spot in the country. Many multinationals are based in this city and its one of the three capitals cities. However, there are some jobs which are low in demand in this city. According to research, the lowest in Demand Jobs in Johannesburg are Health Care Jobs, Retail Jobs and Human Resource Jobs. They are less in demand compared to others.

Cape Town

This is the second most populous city in South Africa and also one of the three capitals cities. Cape Town has a high demand for jobs inn South Africa only second to Johannesburg. The lowest in demand Jobs in Cape Town are Logistics Jobs, Customer Services Jobs and Manufacturing Jobs.


Pretoria is second largest city in the province of Gauteng and one of three capital cities. With a population of around 3 million people, Pretoria has a lot of jobs to offer for job seekers in South Africa. However, there are jobs which are harder to get compared to the rest when you are in this city, these include; Customer Service Jobs, Health Care Jobs and Logistics Jobs.


The port city of Durban is another South African job seekers favorite , its found in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Though Durban has a lot of Jobs to offer, the lowest In demand Jobs in the city are Construction Jobs, Manufacturing Jobs and Retail Jobs. Those are the least advertised in the City.

East Rand

This city in the province Gauteng is another jobs hotspot in the Country. It has one of the highest number of advertised job in the country. That said, some jobs low in demand meaning that few advertisers are putting such jobs on offer, these include; Construction Jobs, Retails Jobs and Information Technology Jobs .

The lowest In demand jobs data above is a result of advertised Jobs on different Jobs websites and newspaper data in South Africa. However, that does not mean that those jobs can not be found in those cities, actually, there are many, though not compared to the rest. However, you may find that those same jobs categories are in high demand in other places.

South Africa Jobs Hot Spots

South Africa is the most developed in Africa. However, the rate of unemployment is still very high currently standing at around 26% . That means a job seeker should be a little more innovative when searching for jobs. Here are the top South African Job Hot Spots.


This is the largest city in South Africa and among the 50 largest cities in the world. The city is home to large and small companies which makes it the number one jobs hot spot in South Africa. With population of more than 6 million people, the business is booming in this City of Gold also popularly known as Joburg.

Nearly all kinds of jobs can be found in Johannesburg, from casual jobs, general employment, office jobs, executive jobs, driver jobs, mining jobs and low level jobs.

Cape Town

This is the second largest city in South Africa and one of the most visited city in the country. That makes the city a number one spot for those who need jobs in the tourism sector which can include Hotels, Restaurants, transport and lots of other sectors.

Cape Town is also home to the South Africa Legislature with lots of booming businesses. Also known as Kaapstad the city is a good place for all looking for Jobs in South Africa.


Also known as eThekwini in Zulu, Durban is a major jobs hot spot in South Africa, Durban is also the third largest city in South Africa. Here is why Durban is a major job hotspot. First the city is at the coast, this makes it ideal for port business and tourism sector which both have lots of jobs sub sectors between them.

Once names the worlds greenest city, Durban is a major tourism hub which comes along with many job opportunities. Durban also welcomes a high rate of informal sector jobs with vibrant street markets. The city is also home to many educational institutions, and civil society.


Being one of the three capital cities of South Africa, the city of Pretoria is another great Hotspot only behind Johannesburg and Capetown. Pretoria with a population about 3 million people is a city with all job sectors. The city also runs some local news papers which are also a great resource to get jobs.

Ok, those are the major job hotspots in South Africa, However, there are other great cities and places which have lots of job opportunities such as Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, East Rand, East London, Winelands, East Rand, and Vereeniging

We wish you luck in your job search