Looking for a Job in Cape Town?

Cape Town is a major jobs hot spot in South Africa. The city is the second most populous in the country after Johannesburg. It is also the legislative capital of South Africa. With around 6 million people, Cape Town has alot of job opportunities to offer.

A simple job search on most of the jobs websites will avail you with hundreds of Jobs since Cape Town is one of the easiest places to find a job. Some of the best Job Websites you can use include the following


Easiest Jobs to get in Cape Town

Even though Cape Town has lots of Jobs on offer. There are some jobs which are easier to find compared to others. It also depends on the demand by Advertisers. Those are some jobs which are on high demand and according to research, Information Technology Jobs, Accounting Jobs, and Engineering Jobs are on high demand in the city of Cape Town.

Hardest Jobs to Get in Cape Town

As mentioned earlier, Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa after Johannesburg with around 6 million people. Actually, Cape Town offers more jobs compared to any city apart from Johannesburg. However, there are jobs which are less popular in demand, its is not that those jobs do not exist , but they are less compared to others, according to report by Adzuna, Logistics Jobs, Customer Service Jobs, and Manufacturing Jobs have a lower demand in Cape Town.

Others Means

A serious job seeker in Cape Town should consider checking news papers for Jobs in South Africa. Many jobs from different companies and enterprises are always listed. Some of the most popular News Papers are

Cape Argus
Cape Times
Daily Voice
District Mail
Drakenstein Gazette

Cape Town is great city with many jobs, however, many jobs may not end up in News Papers or Jobs Websites, for that reason physical job search may be ideal. Many people who have tried door to door job search have got great results.

Also, it is a good to write your CV professionally, even you find a job online, in news papers or through door to door, your CV will be a major factor. Many people have failed to get jobs due to errors inn their CVs which could have been avoided.