Key Jobs for Introverts

Have you ever wondered why you are quiet type, the one who prefers sitting alone at parties or even being alone the office? This could be because you are an introvert. An introvert is a person who seeks happiness, satisfaction and worth within him or herself. This means that your happiness is found within and not outside. This could be a challenge while at work because you have to work with other people probably be part of the team, maybe you need to attend long meetings, make phone calls to close a sale or two and this could be hard. You might need time to reflect withdraw and recharge your energies.

Therefore the kind of job that you choose can either make you or break you. You should be mindful about the job you get such that it doesn’t frustrate you but rather uplift you and boost your attributes to bring the best to the table. With that mind, here are few jobs or careers that you should consider doing if you are an introvert.

Legal profession

There are many jobs under the umbrella of legal, in as much as the most resounding one is lawyer. However, as an introvert, remember you need your personal space and time to think and recharge all the while excelling at what you are doing. This profession provides just that. Some of the jobs under this are legal officer, legal secretary, lecturer, legal counsel, legal assistant and paralegal, to mention but a few. Why this profession could be right for you is because you have a lot of time to yourself, doing research, mulling over your next step and doing a whole of thinking. This could be just what you need, time to yourself.

Creative related professions

Professions that have a creative twist to them could be a right turn to them for your benefit. To create, you need lots of time alone, consulting with fellow designers in the comfort of your space and time. Because of this, you may find comfort in this profession. A few of creative related professions are, architecture, writing and communication, clothes designer, website designer, artists, to mention but a few. These have lots of flexibility, you may not need a usual 8 – 5 kind of job, you will learn to be a problem solver, and your brain will be fed as much as you want.

Research related jobs

Jobs in the research field, just like creative related jobs, are good for introverts because they tend to give you space to work and do your thing without necessarily tying you down to social interaction which you might not want. Also, it might necessitate you to go to new places, within the country or out of it, within your home area and out of it. Since as an introvert you find satisfaction with in, travel may do you a lot of good to boost your job related skills so that you deliver as per your deliverables. Among the jobs under this are research officer, research assistant, researcher and research analyst. Remember, as a researcher, you can go to any field, say medical researcher, physical scientist researcher or agricultural researchers, among others.


You should think of being an entrepreneur so that you can find your own schedule, fit in the things you want to do and stay away from the things you do not want to do. Being self-employed is not all that bad, you will use your own insight and grow as much as you want, you are our own boss. You could even take on freelance work, choosing your own work, your own assignments.

The above are just some of the fields you can take on but there are many more which you can choose from. Be ready to explore until you find your right fit.