Sure Tips for online Job Search (Video)

Well, the world has changed and job search has followed suit. These days searching for jobs online is the easiest and most efficient way of looking for jobs even here in South Africa.

Sometime back, the most common way of applying for a job used to be handwritten job application letters which could be physically delivered to the company.

These days, most companies are using online jobs websites to advertise for available jobs. However, finding the right websites for a job seeker and employers is not as easy as it may seems. Some jobs websites list jobs which are expired where as many do not cross check the authenticity of the jobs before posting them.

But here is a good list of the most popular jobs websites in South Africa which also have good reputation from both employers and job seekers


This is a job aggregator operating in more than 50 countries, headquartered in USA, the company also has offices in Europe. Indeed does good job of making sure all the jobs posted are real. They also listed hundreds of jobs everyday which makes it possible for a jobseeker to have a wide pool.


This is also another strong job aggregator with offices in South Africa, Adzuna makes job market research in for South Africa which makes them make provide better job services. They also list a good number of jobs.

Othe good sites to conside include, 3.Pnet, 4 Jobmail, 5.Careers24

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