Rejection of Refusal

Well, you have applied for a job and suddenly a call comes in telling you that you application has not been successful. That moment is really stressing, and you begin asking yourself where you went wrong.  In some case, you may find that you even had the best experience and even the best academic credits, so, questions of uncertainty will continue to pile inside you, wondering how you did not get your dream job, and asking yourself what really went wrong

This is the same time when you get the idea, can I reject this refusal?  Is it OK to reject the decision of company not to give you a job?. Well, I want to tell you, it’s perfectly fine to reject a refusal for a job.  But how do you go about it?  To get me clearly, a letter of rejection is that letter you write to eject a company’s decision not to hire you.  

First of all, you should realize that companies have different policies and it is perfectly fine for a company to employ a competitor who seems to be below you work experience and even academic experience. Companies may look at other factors which you may not have thought about.  So, you must first gather the necessary information before you submit your letter of rejection.

It is always a good idea to fist make an inquiry from the reception of the company about why you did not a job.  You may give a call to the company or even move there physically. Fact is, you may not get enough information when you just make a call, many receptionists do not have enough of the information you may require, secondly, they may not be allowed to give out internal communications on phones. That’s why you may be required to move physically to the company.

Be ready with your well written letter of ejection, try to convince the hiring manager why you are the best candidate, try to show why you need a second hearing.  Please also make sure you that you are fast in whatever you do since it will be had for you to overturn anything if the person who succeeded is already at work. You have to write the letter of refusal immediately you are informed that you did not get the job.

As I advised, take that letter in person, and ask to talk to the hiring manager, in case you get the chance to see the hiring manager, talk to him while pointing out why the need to change their decision,  letters if refusal are rare but they show a determination by the candidate which may lead to sympathy hiring. I can guarantee you that letters of rejection are really powerful.

Looking for a job can be a hard job to do and it and it may take a lot of resources and time, just do not give up. When a company ejects your proposal, don’t just sit back, you can still go to them and present yourself again. Its possible that they may have other vacancies which may get recommended to you.

Hope you have leant something good from this article, may be you even didn’t know that its possible and good to write a letter of ejection to a company which has refused to hire you. Now that you now know, take your chances. Best of luck in your  nextjob search.

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