Johannesburg or Cape Town? Which City is best for Job Search in South Africa (Video)

Some people may be wondering which city in South Africa they should be considering for a job search. Well, today, we are looking at cities, that are Johannesburg and Cape Town.  These are among the three capital cities of South Africa, the other one being Pretoria.

Well, it is not hard to know which city has more jobs or more vacancy openings, you just have to look at the major factors which influence jobs opening and here are tips.


This is a major indicator for jobs presence in a place. Its common knowledge that when people are many in a city,  it creates an opening for more businesses and economic activities.  As we talk, Johannesburg has a population of about 6000000 (six millions) and Cape town has a population of about 5000000 (five millions). That’s pretty close.  However, Johannesburg takes the lead.

Job Websites

The second trick is to have a check job websites to see which city has the most number of jobs.  Well, some of the jobs websites I would recommend are Pnet, Jobmail, Indeed (a great jobs aggregator), they get jobs from many jobs websites, others sites you can check are careers24 and Career junction . make sure you check the number of jobs listed on each website. A city with ore jobs will definitely have ore job openings

News Papers

The last trick we can utilize are the newspapers, when you check the newspapers jobs sections, always look at the number of jobs each city is advertising.  In this case we are only looking at Johannesburg and Cape Town. Go to the job listing section of those websites ad look at which site has more jobs, that will be the site for a better job search


Hope you have learnt a thing or two, we meet next time

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