Jobseekers Diary (Part 2)

Looking a job is one of the toughest jobs in developing countries where unemployment is high. Last time in Jobseekers diary (part one) i wrote about my experience in job search. This is a continuation of part one where am going to search.

Well, i had told you how i had written 500 curriculum Vitae and distribution was my next step. Well, if you are searching for a job, you should be very smart in the job search, you have have a well written CV and come up with a list of companies and agencies carefully selected where you hope to have a chance for a job.

With my 500 CVs, i gave out of 30 CVs to job search agencies and i made another list of 470 companies. Distribution of CVs is a tough job, you need material resources and good health. Many times, you have to face tough receptionists who seem not to care.

Lucky enough, these days, applying for jobs online is becoming more popular tough it will be hard to completely replaces door to door job search especially in developing countries where many jobs are not advertised online.

Well, i cant deny, i got some good responses. I was given a call from 30 companies which a good sign that door to door job search can be a success. Hoe, due to some unavoidable circumstances, i only managed to attend to interviews out of the 30.

As you know, interview rooms have the characteristics and questions, the usual “tell us about your self” and so on. And i remember i was good in answering all questions which crossed my way, At least, i had done some good background research on interviews and how i should go about them.

I was called back for a second interview in one of the places, and one office offered me a job. The rest did not consider me because i did not have enough experience. Well, many young graduates are left out of good jobs because of lack of experience but that is something you cant do much about.

Well, i did not go for the second interview and i did not accept the job was offered because the payment was low. However, i decided to go after a company which rejected my job applications.

Details will follow in my next post

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