Specialist: Bid Committee and Contract Management

at National Youth Development Agency
Location Woodmead, Woodmead, South Africa
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Key Job Purpose:

This position is the accounting and finance liaison to the organisation as it relates to bid committee and

contracts. Specifically, this individual is responsible for maintaining relationships with all functional areas

of the business and is required to proactively assist in advising business partners on the accounting and

finance implications of bid committee, contracts and agreements. In addition, this individual is

responsible for assessing, analyzing and documenting the accounting implications of bid committees,

contracts, transactions, events and new compliance standards.


Key Outcomes: ( what deliverables are required to achieve job purpose)

  • Contract Management
  • Bid Committee Management
  • Monitor contract performance
  • Stakeholder management and customer satisfaction
  • Research, analysis and reporting
  • People management

Key Roles: ( what role does one have to play to deliver the outcomes)

  • Analysis and Research
  • Report writing
  • Quality assurance


Outcomes Key Activities

( what activities are relevant to deliver the outcomes)

KPA 1 Supply Chain


  • Maintain the managerial control, leadership and smooth running

of supply chain management (SCM) elements, which includes

contract management and Bid Committee management


Outcomes Key Activities

( what activities are relevant to deliver the outcomes)

KPA 2 Contract


  • Management established contracts for goods and services to

insure the delivery of outcome in the line with contract objectives,

government and customer requirements.

  • Manage allocated contract implementation and transition,

including management of supplier and Agency activities

  • Contribute to delivery outcome in line with contract objectives

and customer requirements

  • Monitor the performance of and compliance with respective

contacts – This must be undertaken in accordance with the

contract, contract management plan, risk management plan

and organisation policies and procedures

KPA 3 Bid Committee


  • Ensure Bid Committee meeting are scheduled at appropriate


  • Maintain awareness of any changes to the Bid Committee
  • Ensure update are provided to members of the Bid Committee
  • Manage the rotation of Bid Committee Members
  • Bring technical expects if technical advice cannot be given
  • Support the Bid Committee in drafting bidding documents and

calls for bids

  • Ensure that bidding documentation is accurate and complete
  • Ensure bid invites are compiled and advertised in the media.
  • Ensure that proper system, processes and control for the receipt of

bids are established

  • Ensure bids are closed/reopen/cancelled if necessary.
  • Ensure successful bidder details are published.

KPA 4: Stakeholder

management and customer


  • Established and maintain strong business relationships with

stakeholders and suppliers including effectively managing

contract enquiries, issues, disputes, variations, risk and undertaking

negotiations with suppliers as required

  • Ensure customer satisfaction is a high priority and stakeholders

receive responsive and proactive services where Agency

representative are engaged and feedback is sought

KPA 5: Reporting and


  • Compile monthly update and status report for submission
  • Ensure pro-active problem-solving and decision making
  • Ensure validity of statistics
  • Compile monthly, quarterly and annual reports on demand and


  • Research and analyse contract related information including

supplier contract reporting, and provide reports regarding

contract activity and performance (including Agency reporting)

  • Compose and maintain complex up-to-date contract

documentation (including contract management plans),

procedure, data and records to ensure timely communication t


Outcomes Key Activities

( what activities are relevant to deliver the outcomes)

relevant parties, excluding legal requirements of contracts.

  • Compile monthly reports on the functioning of all Bid Committees.

KPA 6 People Management • Implementation people management practises for direct reports

  • Assign accountabilities to direct reports
  • Manage the performance of direct reports
  • Maintain an environment that enables team work and capacity


  • Cultivate position staff morale
  • Achieve personal development goals
  • Communicate job expectations

KPA 7: Bid Committees


  • Organise meeting
  • Record Minutes
  • Prepare documents for consideration

KPA 8: Voucher Service

provider database on Great


  • Management of Voucher Service provider programme


Outcomes Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

(What will tell that one is achieving the outcome)

KPI 1: Supply Chain


  • Supply Chain policies
  • Supply Chain Framework

KPI 2:Contract Management • Contracts are effectively managed and controlled

  • Any discrepancies regarding contracts are resolved timeously
  • Outcome In line with contract objectives and customer

requirements are consistence met

  • Documents indicating how contracts are performing and whether

their objectives are being met and the stipulated being delivered

  • Documents highlighting the degree of compliance with contracts

with recommendations for improvement.

KPI 3 Bid Committee


  • Bid Committee documents
  • Adverts
  • Scoring Sheets

KPI 4: Stakeholders

Management and customer


  • Strong business relationships with customers and suppliers


  • Documentation addressing contract enquiries, issues and dispute in


  • Risks are mitigated in most the appropriate ways - such information

is documented in writing and stored for future reference

  • Customer feedback

KPI 5: Reporting and


  • Monthly, quarterly and annual on demand and acquisition
  • Research and analysis documentation
  • Contract documentation e.g. contract management plans



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