Head of Sales

at MPC Recruitment
Location Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa
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Category Sales & Retail
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Job Description:


To direct and control the Sales Function through strategic planning and development of short medium and long term action plans, financial resourcing and organizational structures to support the growth and profitability across the customer segmentations and, to lead the Sales teams in a complex market to ensure it is provided with adequate direction and guidance on building existing customer relationships, identifying new business, market or product expansion opportunities and, dealing with competitor strategies and market volatility.




1.1. Applying market research and market knowledge to conceptualise and identify opportunities, cost and benefits associated with new and diversified markets and the key enablers to building existing relationships.


1.2. Applying complex analysis and evaluative methodologies to determine realistic market share with due consideration given to the diverse and varied factors influencing market growth and profitability and/ or volatility in markets.


1.3. Developing the strategic plan to grow market share in the short, medium and long term and developing the action plan encompassing objectives, priorities, key performance indicators (KPI’s) and goals.


1.4. Applying financial modelling techniques to predict revenue and expenditure associated with strategic interventions required to drive sales growth with existing and new customers.


1.5. Influencing leadership during strategic planning discussions on the applicability and capability of the strategic plan to achieve the critical and key sales objectives and its alignment with interfacing internal functions and market.




2.1. Developing the action plans and customising the execution approach to support and drive the Sales Strategy across the different market segments.


2.2. Identifying and aligning the sales organisational structure towards relevance in terms of market needs and customer service and satisfaction.


2.3. Preparing budgets and forecasts to detail volumes and margins across the different sales channels/ functions.


2.4. Controlling actual versus budget provisions applying data analytics, financial analysis and performance evaluation tools to measure alignment of the results associated with revenue, gross profit margins, revenue growth rate, etc.


2.5. Preparing short to medium terms Sales Forecasts with due consideration given to the critical interfacing disciplines i.e. production, logistics, etc. and, monitoring the actual results against forecasts with a view to intervening, correcting or aligning approaches and applications.


2.6. Approving and authorising expenditure against the approved budget or within the authorised limits in relation to requirements and/ or critical needs to support deliverables.


2.7. Contributing to sales management policies and procedures in terms of accountability, authority and control of actions and, managing the implementation of financial, human resources and governance policy prescripts and compliance thereof.


2.8. Managing the personnel performance and discipline through the implementation and execution of human resources disciplinary procedures and performance metrics focused on improving capabilities and achieving results.


2.9. Mentoring and coaching the sales team and approving training and development programmes that are capable of addressing the skills gaps.


2.10. Managing leave and other conditions of service applicable to the Sales staff and addressing queries relating to the application.


2.11. Participating in the Recruitment and Selection process and approving the appointment of the successful applicant based on the capability and competency demonstrated during interviews and assessments.




3.1. Managing the development or alignment of the Sales Plan across the various market segment to ensure maximum exposure and presence in the market space.


3.2. Initiating market intelligence studies and proceeding with analysing the market condition, competitor activities, pricing strategies, customer satisfaction, etc. to enable informed assessment of the timing of interventions such as promotions and special offers.


3.3. Supporting the Sales Team through active involvement in the sales activities across the different market segments including undertaking key client visits and negotiating and closing deals.


3.4. Interpreting market complexities or internal challenges to deliver on sales volumes and providing solutions to mitigate the risks associated with loss of market share, brand switching, etc.


3.5. Providing insight into marketing interventions to enable appropriate shaping of the sales route across all segments to the market strategy such that the sales market value proposition and business value chain profitability is supported and enhanced.


3.6. Providing leadership during the conducting of intense consultations and negotiations of customer trading terms and associated contracts across the market segments and the concluding of deals with key clients.




4.1. Introducing, implementing and managing plans with key interventions focused on expanding market presence in new and diversified markets.


4.2. Reviewing or conceptualising, articulating and implementing sales orientated approaches that are capable of creating and sustaining market confidence in the organisation to deliver on quality, pricing and volumes.


4.3. Overseeing the implementation of market expansion interventions by the Sales Team and the Marketing function and, providing guidance, solutions and advice to address challenges or competitor strategies.


4.4. Interpreting the net effect of market penetration on interfacing disciplines such as logistics, milling, planning, trade marketing and contributing high level input into the cost benefit value of aligning to support sales market expansion.


4.5. Network and maintains market presence to enable the identification and pursuing of opportunities to attract potential new business based on the organisations brand reputation and capabilities.




5.1. Participating in strategic executive leadership and general management departmental and inter-departmental meetings and, evaluating, brainstorming and dissecting approaches and concepts and presenting views, opinions and advice to enable achievement of sales goals and objectives.


5.2. Presenting high level strategies and performance results associated with the Sales function at conferences and leadership meetings and, elaborating on the reasons or providing expertise to enable alignment of strategic decisions and plans that impact on the sales function.


5.3. Meeting with key customers and engaging on the results, service levels, expectations, etc. and, acknowledging customer needs and confirming the capability to deliver on requirements.


5.4. Analyse and engage with customers across the market segments on a range of complex commercial transactional questions, queries and points




6.1. Interprets the timeframes involved with the development, compilation and completion of complex sales summaries, advisory reports, contracts and agreements and, proceeding with follow-up, authorization, vetting and submission.


6.2. Perusing a range of financial data/ information and proceeding with questioning or gaining clarity from the sales management on the financial results relating to revenue growth, profitability margins, cash-flow projections, etc.


6.3. Preparing complex functional reports outlining the performance against plans, key financial outcomes and/ or mapping the short, medium and long term scenario in relation to sales performance.


6.4. Vetting claims and/ or responses to queries and proceeding with authorizing or referring specific matters to the relevant Channel Management to further investigate and submit detailed reports to enable approval.


6.5. Preparing and authorising correspondence and memorandums for circulation to inform the Sales Team on procedures, requirements or changes to standing instructions. Bachelor’s Degree and Post Graduate qualification in Sales, Marketing or management.


  • At least 10 to 12 years’ experience with proven track record at a senior management level of managing a comprehensive and diverse sales portfolio.


  • Computer skills/literacy in MS Office Suite


  • Proficient with SAP system particularly with the Sales and Marketing Module.


  • A valid driver’s license.


  • Experienced change leader in terms of improving people, process and systems to achieve business results.


  • Strategic thinking and business acumen to drive innovative approaches to support business growth and sustainability.


  • Demonstrated abilities in dealing with challenging demands and resolving conflicts.


  • A high level of confidentiality and excellent interpersonal/ communication skills to be able to articulate, express and influence decisions and gain acceptance.


  • Demonstrated abilities to think conceptually and develop long term plans that are relevant in terms of market and the business.


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