Executive Manager

at Agrément South Africa
Location Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa
Date Posted
Category Admin & Office
Work Hours Day
Salary 1244434
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Currency ZAR


Reference number : ASA00050/2021



To design strategic business plans and implement an integrated and holistic Human

Resources, Marketing & Communications, ICT and Facilities Management support within

Agrément South Africa Business Units.

Duties and Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):

  • Corporate Services Strategy, Policies and Business Processes

Develop and oversee the implementation of HR, Communications & marketing, ICT and

Facilities Management strategies, policies and business processes for ASA by:

  • Commissioning research on latest trends;
  • Ensuring that all HR, Communications & Marketing, ICT and Facilities Management

strategies, policies and business processes contribute to ASA’s strategic goals;

  • Developing and guiding business units on the interpretation and effective

implementation of HR strategies and policies;

  • Determining and developing strategic intervention mechanisms to mitigate

problems/challenges, related to efficient, effective implementation of uniform

procedures and policies;

  • Regularly reviewing HR, Communications and Marketing, ICT and Facilities

Management policies and procedures in accordance with relevant legislation.

  • Facilities Management

Manage ASA facilities in relation to security, maintenance and services of work facilities by:

  • Investigating availability and sustainability of options for alternative premises;
  • Calculating and comparing costs for required goods and services to achieve value;
  • Planning workspace for future development in line with strategic business


  • Ensuring provision of essential central facilities such as reception, security,

maintenance, mail, archiving, cleaning, catering, waste disposal and recycling;

  • Ensuring that buildings used meet health and safety requirements and facilities

comply with legislation;

  • Planning best allocation and utilization of space and resources for new buildings or

re-organisation of current premises;

  • Developing a business continuity plan for ASA
  • ICT Services Management

Manage and coordinate all ICT related activities and resources by:

  • Identifying and acquiring the organisation’s ICT needs;
  • Ensuring effective Web ad Database administration;
  • Managing the implementation and maintenance of ICT network infrastructure;
  • Coordinating and managing all Information services related projects in support of

the organisation’s strategic objectives;

  • Overseeing the provision of effective ICT client support services;
  • Developing, managing and implementing an ICT Disaster Recovery Plan;
  • Ensuring the implementation and maintenance of an effective ICT security policy;
  • Overseeing the implementation and maintenance of an ICT security control process;
  • Improving knowledge management and data protection; and
  • Ensuring compliance with National Archives standards.
  • Recruitment and Selection

Manage and implement recruitment and selection processes by:

  • Undertaking workforce planning to align business needs and priorities of ASA with

that of the workforce in order to achieve organisational objectives;

  • Identifying and fostering management potential to enable succession planning;
  • Developing and evaluating the criteria for successful selection of candidates;
  • Determining fairness in personnel decisions;
  • Demonstrating the value of selection; and
  • Integrating selection with other business processes and systems.
  • Organisational Development

Develop Organisational Development intervention to develop sound mployee wellness and

relations and create a culture of good performance by:

  • Designing, implementing and reviewing organizational structures in line with the

organizational life cycle and in collaboration with business units;

  • Conducting market research as well as annual surveys into current and new

remuneration practices;

  • Providing expert advice and support to the Human Resources and Remuneration


  • Commissioning organizational perception surveys and review results for

interventions after discussion with the Executive Team;

  • Identifying opportunities for performance improvement through reviews in order to

understand barriers and possible solutions;

  • Evaluating exit interview feedback and submit report to Exco with recommendations

to develop a retention strategy;

  • Benchmarking HR service delivery against global best practices;
  • Identifying and addressing gaps and opportunities for improvement; and
  • Ensuring compliance with the performance management policy.
  • Performance Management

Oversee Performance Management in ASA by:

  • Ensuring all employees have signed performance agreements;
  • Ensuring that management conduct employee appraisals;
  • Overseeing the performance management process in ASA; and
  • Ensuring that employee training and development needs are identified.
  • Annual Skills Development Plan

Manage and oversee the development and review of annual skills development plans by:

  • Managing the development, coordination and implementation of skills audit


  • Managing the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan;
  • Managing the collection analysis and consolidation of data for compilation of a

monthly, quarterly and annual training report;

  • Aligning education, training and development with skills requirements;
  • Developing and maintaining a secure and comprehensive skills development

database system.

  • Ensure quality assurance of all Human Resources Development interventions
  • Labour Relations

Manage the development and implementation of Labour Relations processes for ASA by:

  • Creating, fostering and managing an environment of positive employee relations

which drives engagement and inclusion;

  • Anticipating and advising the Executive Team on the impact that strategic or

operational decisions will have on employee and labour relations;

  • Ensuring regular communication with staff and management to ensure the smooth

running of operations;

  • Obtaining mutual agreement on the resolution of issues, meetings required and the

delivery of inter-dependent outputs and results;

  • Documenting the interaction with the relevant role players for future reference

purposes; and

  • Ensuring compliance with relevant Labour legislation.
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management

Oversee Stakeholder Relationship Management by:

  • Measuring and ensuring service driven outcomes and evaluate and report on results

to the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure;

  • Interacting with organized stakeholder forums to drive a coordinated approach to

the development of a positive stakeholder experience;

  • Developing partnerships and share knowledge with relevant stakeholders;
  • Overseeing strategic interventions that will contribute to ASA’s overall media profile

and reputation;

  • Monitoring trends and benchmarking best practices both nationally and

internationally; and

  • Networking on various platforms with industry thought leaders to share and discuss

best practices.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • B Degree in HRM/HRD, Industrial Relations or Public Administration
  • Registration with relevant Professional Body
  • 8 years’ experience managing Corporate Services

Skills and competencies:

  • Understanding of the public sector environment and transformation challenges
  • Knowledge of BCEA, SDA, EEA, LRA, PFMA and Public Sector Regulations
  • Knowledge of Government Budget Systems and Procedures
  • HRM Strategies and Implementation thereof
  • Leadership and Strategic Management
  • Change Management
  • Interpersonal Skills Presentation and Facilitations Skills
  • Report Writing
  • Conflict management
  • Sound Analytical and Problem-solving skills
  • Policy formulation
  • Negotiation
  • Influencing
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Project Management



Application process

The candidate will be subjected to integrity checks before appointment is made. Interested

parties should forward their CV’s with your name, surname, position title and reference

number on the subject line (e.g. Antoinette Gerber: Position interested in: Reference no:

ASAxxxxx) to email address [email protected] by no later than 12 July 2021 at


Agrément South Africa is committed towards increasing the representation of marginalized

groups in line with its Employment Equity Policy.

Please note that correspondence will be limited to shortlisted candidates only.

Applications must be sent to [email protected]