Cloud (DevOps) Engineer

at Shoprite South Africa
Location Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa
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You have already moved from a full stack developer or Seniors ops engineer into a DevOps engineer role in a Linux based environment. Maybe you are working at a smaller organisation where you are a bit of a jack of all trades but you yearn for something more challenging? You want to work at scale with large diverse team of specialist supporting a 24X7 operation. You will be used to taking responsibility for deploying applications into production and, with the assistance of appropriate monitoring, proactively troubleshooting any issues that arise. You have an understanding of at least one develops tools chain. You have experience with at least one of the following architectural patterns:


? Scalable multi-tier applications deployed on VMs

? Complex serverless applications


Job Objectives

  1. Work with specialist in operations to ensure applications are secure and available in production:

Implement appropriate monitoring and logging to ensure potential failure can be detected, diagnosed and remediate before services are impacted

Be able to deploy highly available and disaster recovery infrastructure as appropriate for server, serverless and container based applications

Work with the security team to ensure the application and its infrastructure is secure.

Where possible work with the development team leads to ensure security is built into their development effort

Where appropriate deploy additional security measure such as WAF’s into the production environment

Exploit security services available from the cloud provider to monitor and ensure the security of the environment


  1. Work with the development teams to deploy and ensure the deployability of infrastructure, packaged applications and custom applications:

Use existing SDLC tool chains to deploy server, serverless and container-based applications

Maintain and upgrading existing SDLC tool chains

Work with the development managers to support them in SDLC automation and developing code to deploy infrastructure using our existing SDLC tool chains


  1. Work with application owners to manage the cost infrastructure deployed for applications both in development and production:

Tag resource appropriately so that their cost can be monitored by system

Tactically work with the application and owner and application specialist to implement tactical cost saving where possible while maintaining the required performance

Support system owners in monitoring, predicting and optimising the cost of operating their infrastructure relative to the required performance




Grade 12

3-year degree/ diploma in technology field or in exceptional cases 6 years equivalent experience

AWS Devops Professional Certification


1-year work experience as DevOps engineer/ Cloud Engineer responsible for the deployment and availability of applications

3-5 years work experience in a technology-related field either as full stack developer or operations engineer for Linux hosted application managed through scripted automated deployment

Knowledge and Skills

2 years Knowledge deploying and managing applications in the cloud

2 years Knowledge or digital application patterns

1 years Knowledge of DevOps

2 years Knowledge of agile

2 years Knowledge of application troubleshooting and root cause of failure analysis

2-3 Years Ability to implement SDLC automation and Testing using git based repositories, code build and pipeline or equivalent open source technologies

2-3 Years Ability to configure and deploy infrastructure using CloudFormation, ECS, and lambda

2-3 Years Ability to implement logging and monitor application using cloud trial, cloud watch and application specific logging

2-3 Years Ability to automate management of polices and standards using trusted advisor, Secrets manager, and certificates manager

2-3 Years Ability to implement mechanisms to detect and respond to incidents

2-3 Years Ability to implement high availability, and disaster recovery using CloudFront, Route53, and RDS


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