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Chemical Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

Specific job duties for chemical analysts vary based on their employer and industry. However, there are several core tasks common to all chemical analysts, such as:

  • Chemical analysts mix together different chemical substances and study the reactions between the two. This process is especially important for chemical analysts who are working to develop new products.
  • Chemical analysts are responsible for testing raw materials and finished products for quality assurance. They determine if the raw materials are good enough to be used in real-world applications, and then they test those applications to ensure the materials react well.
  • Chemical analysts regularly collaborate with scientists during the product development process. They test materials for scientists and advise on the use of certain materials.
  • Many chemical analysts have written research papers and had them published in scientific journals. They write reports on their findings to advance knowledge in their field and to report directly to their supervisors.
  • After the day’s work is done, chemical analysts are often responsible for cleaning their lab equipment and the overall lab environment. This ensures a safe and clean environment for everyone who works in the lab.


Skills and Qualifications

  • Chemical analysts have previous lab experience that has familiarized them with laboratory settings. They know how to clearly communicate to scientists and other analysts because of this experience
  • Chemical analysts know how laboratories work and understand all related safety procedures. They know when to stop an experiment and how to pick it back up the next day without losing progress
  • Chemical analysts are skilled project managers because they know how to manage deadlines and collaborate with different teams. They can see the end objective and understand what they need to do to accomplish it
  • Chemical analysts approach problems with an analytical line of thinking. This process can look different for each candidate, but it usually involves looking at the big picture and homing in on the specific pieces that need solving
  • Must have a degree in chemical engineering

Job Experience: No Requirements

Work Hours: 8

Level of Education: Bachelor Degree

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