Job Seekers Dairy

Growing up in Sowote, i dreamt of having a good job. But it was a dream, just like other kids in my neighborhood, I even did not know that I would make it through school since life was a hustle and a day lived was a day counted.

But I kept the dream until I finally got my University degree, If am to write about the hurdles I encountered on the way, I would write the biggest book in history. But all the same, I went through school and graduated. 

However, a few days to the graduation, I could imagine the world at my feet, everything seemed to be on plan and was really happy for where I had reached. In imaginations, I was a CEO of a company driving a big car in a big house with wonderful children. But that was before reality struck.

A few weeks after graduation, no jobs were coming my way, I tried applying to number of jobs online which gave me good hope within me, but times could pass without getting any call for interview. That’s when I printed around 500 resumes and distributed them to a list of famous companies which I had carefully crafted.

Wow, five hundred resumes may seem small in the mind of someone who has never seen a 3 page resume multiplied by 500. Boy, it look huge but I looked at all those papers with a smile since I was sure one of them was the key to my happiness. It would take a spell not to get a single call from an employer from all these curriculum vitae’s.  

My mum was still supporting me much, by the way, she gave me the money to print the resumes, you know, she is really great woman, from her sweat; I was able to go to school and graduate from the university.  But still after school, she was always by my side, I am always part of her prayers. You know she wishes good for me. After my graduation, she called some of her friends to connect me to a job, sadly, she did not succeed, but her hopes never faded.  She managed to get me money to print all the resumes I needed for my first serious job search.

Well, it was not easy at all, but that Is what I needed, I needed to distribute the resumes to companies, big and small and it was my first major attempt to getting my first jobs

Will be continued