Interview Tips to Help You Get a Job in South Africa

For a first time job seeker, the interview process can be exciting and daunting at the same time. No matter what your qualifications are, lack of preparation could hurt your chances of employment. Before going into your interview, study a few techniques to improve your skills.

Research about the company; doing little homework on the company you are applying at helps to make the interview a smooth process. Begin by perusing the company website and then research local newspapers and magazines to dig up any information you can find.

Knowing these details in the interview is useful and shows the recruiters that your interest in the position is sincere.

In an interview failing to make a good impression destroys the whole process, especially for first timers. Dress professionally and behave properly. Newcomers to job industry who apply in person must also dress appropriately for an interview because some firms offer spot interviews at the time the application is submitted. Showing up prepared makes a positive first impression on the recruiters.

Practice by stimulating the interview environment with a friend or family member, answering some commonly asked questions such as what are your strengths? Where do you see your self five years from now?

If it is your first interview in your job search world, mention any commitment from your past, it could be volunteer work, training as this shows the interviewer that though you are new to the world of job hunting, you have demonstrated dedication to your duties.

You should never forget to check your dressing. Many employers will take a close look on how you have dressed. If you are a woman, mini skirts might not work well for you, you need to put on decent clothes preferably a well designed female suit. If you are a male, you should avoid dressing which are un official like T- shirts, jeans or lose clothes. A suit will also work well for a man.

It is always good to remember that time is a major factor when it comes to an interview; you should reach at the interview in time. Do not reach too early or a single minute late. You should reach at least 15 minutes before time and if possible, make your presence known.

When you finally face the interview panel, you should realize that you are having the golden ticket in your hands. Many people crave for the opportunity to be called for an interview and when you get it, you should never misuse it. Never lie and always be bold.

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