How to phrase time spent not Working during an Interview

There comes a time in one’s life when there is no employment opportunity, maybe it was a time you spent knocking on doors which never got opened, or you took a break from official employment, or something. Whatever the case, when you apply for a job and you have an employment gap, you might get asked about it by the interviewer. Some people fidget when this time comes because they think it shows a lack of seriousness or pokes holes in your resume. And maybe it does, but how you answer the question will go a long way so better prepare for it ahead of time such that when it does get asked, you are able to answer it right.

It is important that you be honest when answering this question, tell the interviewer why you have the gap, but be rest assured that it is the truth otherwise it will come back to bite you. Whatever the answer, do not be ashamed of mentioning it, everyone wants an honest employer, strike that chord.

Go ahead and tell the interviewer how to spent that time. Maybe it was spent applying and interviewing for different jobs but weren’t lucky enough to get a hit. Maybe it was spent preparing for a better job by studying or learning a new language, whatever it is, tell your employer. This means that if you are in this situation right now, get busy, get something to do, don’t be a slacker or lazy, don’t feel sorry for yourself, do something, spend time wisely.

Don’t give unnecessary details; try as much as possible to stay away from irrelevancies. This means that you should not spend a lot of time talking about this issue, be brief and then move on, it doesn’t do any good to keep talking about it.

All in all, as a job seeker, make sure that you spend your time wisely, such that when a chance comes your way to get that job, you are ready by all means possible, mentally, as well as emotionally or any other way necessary.

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