Highest In Demand Jobs in South Africa.

South Africa is a large economy with a diversity of job categories from the low level jobs or casual jobs to high end executive jobs. However, there are some jobs which are in high demand compared to others. This however depends on largely on location. In this, we mean jobs which are mostly offered by employers or the most advertised jobs in South Africa. Research has been done on which jobs are highly offered and sought after and what you are about the read is an aggregate of data from multiple jobs websites.

We are going to list 5 cities which offer most jobs in South Africa and which categories of jobs are the most advertised in those Cities.


The capital of the Gauteng Province is a jobs hotspot in South Africa, however, the most In demand jobs in Johannesburg are Information Technology Jobs, Finance Jobs and Engineering Jobs. That means that if you have those qualification, your chances of getting a job in Johannesburg are high.

Cape Town

This the capital of Western Cape Province and another job hot spot in South Africa. According to current research, the most In demand jobs in Cape Town are the Information Technology Jobs, Accounting Jobs, and Engineering Jobs, There is no much difference with Johannesburg.


Another great city in Gauteng province and one of the 3 capital cities. Pretoria offers a good range of jobs and employment opportunities in South Africa. However, the most In Demand Jobs in Pretoria are Finance Jobs, Information Technology Jobs and Administration jobs. Here, we see a category of Administration Jobs which did not come in the top three of Cape Town and Johannesburg.


This being the capital of KwaZulu-Natal has given Durban a high rate of Job availability. Many South Africans flock to Durban in search of job employment opportunities. However, the most In Demand Jobs in Durban are Engineering Jobs, Accounting Jobs and Administration Jobs. With qualifications in those mentioned fields, your chances of getting a job in Durban are higher.

East Rand

This is another city is Gauteng with a high number of available Jobs. It is commonly referred to as Ekurhuleni and is the urban eastern part of the Witwatersrand. The city has around 4,000,000 people. The most In demand Jobs in East Rand are Finance Jobs, Administration jobs and Sales Jobs. Actually, this is the first time we are seeing Sales Jobs on our list.

Those are the most In Demand Jobs in South Africa, If you have qualifications which meet those demands, you will have more chances of getting Jobs. However, other places and cities may have other In demand jobs. Here, we have listed the highest In demand jobs in South Africa basing on paces which offer the most jobs in the country.

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