Hardest Places to Find a Job in South Africa

Yes, South Africa is the most developed country in Africa with a higher employment rates than most African countries. The metropolitan cities and towns of the country also offer a high number of vacancies for those looking for jobs.

However, there are places to avoid if you are looking for a job in South Africa. These places have advertise the fewest jobs on Employment websites and in the newspapers.


This is a town of around 300,000 people in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. The town tops the list of places job seekers to avoid. This major Indian population (about 60%) is a very limited number of jobs to offer. Chatsworth was created in the 1950’s in the days of apartheid when the whites wanted to create buffer between them and the blacks. Though this town is home to a Police academy and a number of schools, finding a job here is hardest.


Kuruman also known Gasegonyane is another town where finding a job is a great night mare, the town is if found in the Nothern Cape province and was founded in 1887. With around 20,000 inhabitants, the town does nor have much to offer in terms of jobs. Since its in the Kalahari area, many people tend to avoid it. If you set out to search for jobs in Kuruman on popular jobs websites or even in the newspapers, you will really have a very hard time to find out. However, the town has a thriving mining business and there are large deposits of Manganese, Iron Ore, Tiger’s eye and Crocidolite


This is the last place you would love to go to if looking for a job in South Africa. The name Lichtenburg means Town of Light and it is found in the North West Province of South Africa. This town of around 40000 was founded in 1888. Though the town is home to two of the largest cement factories and the largest cheese factory in the country, the number of open vacancies is one of the lowest in the country. Looking for a job in this area is a real night mare and it will even be hard for you to even find one on a jobs website or in the newspaper.

Those are the three places in South Africa you will do well to avoid if you are looking for a job. Just for a bonus, the best places to turn if you want to find a job quickly would be Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria

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