Sure Tips for online Job Search (Video)

Well, the world has changed and job search has followed suit. These days searching for jobs online is the easiest and most efficient way of looking for jobs even here in South Africa.

Sometime back, the most common way of applying for a job used to be handwritten job application letters which could be physically delivered to the company.

These days, most companies are using online jobs websites to advertise for available jobs. However, finding the right websites for a job seeker and employers is not as easy as it may seems. Some jobs websites list jobs which are expired where as many do not cross check the authenticity of the jobs before posting them.

But here is a good list of the most popular jobs websites in South Africa which also have good reputation from both employers and job seekers


This is a job aggregator operating in more than 50 countries, headquartered in USA, the company also has offices in Europe. Indeed does good job of making sure all the jobs posted are real. They also listed hundreds of jobs everyday which makes it possible for a jobseeker to have a wide pool.


This is also another strong job aggregator with offices in South Africa, Adzuna makes job market research in for South Africa which makes them make provide better job services. They also list a good number of jobs.

Othe good sites to conside include, 3.Pnet, 4 Jobmail, 5.Careers24

Hope you have learnt something today, we meet next time.


Wish you the best

Rejection of Refusal

Well, you have applied for a job and suddenly a call comes in telling you that you application has not been successful. That moment is really stressing, and you begin asking yourself where you went wrong.  In some case, you may find that you even had the best experience and even the best academic credits, so, questions of uncertainty will continue to pile inside you, wondering how you did not get your dream job, and asking yourself what really went wrong

This is the same time when you get the idea, can I reject this refusal?  Is it OK to reject the decision of company not to give you a job?. Well, I want to tell you, it’s perfectly fine to reject a refusal for a job.  But how do you go about it?  To get me clearly, a letter of rejection is that letter you write to eject a company’s decision not to hire you.  

First of all, you should realize that companies have different policies and it is perfectly fine for a company to employ a competitor who seems to be below you work experience and even academic experience. Companies may look at other factors which you may not have thought about.  So, you must first gather the necessary information before you submit your letter of rejection.

It is always a good idea to fist make an inquiry from the reception of the company about why you did not a job.  You may give a call to the company or even move there physically. Fact is, you may not get enough information when you just make a call, many receptionists do not have enough of the information you may require, secondly, they may not be allowed to give out internal communications on phones. That’s why you may be required to move physically to the company.

Be ready with your well written letter of ejection, try to convince the hiring manager why you are the best candidate, try to show why you need a second hearing.  Please also make sure you that you are fast in whatever you do since it will be had for you to overturn anything if the person who succeeded is already at work. You have to write the letter of refusal immediately you are informed that you did not get the job.

As I advised, take that letter in person, and ask to talk to the hiring manager, in case you get the chance to see the hiring manager, talk to him while pointing out why the need to change their decision,  letters if refusal are rare but they show a determination by the candidate which may lead to sympathy hiring. I can guarantee you that letters of rejection are really powerful.

Looking for a job can be a hard job to do and it and it may take a lot of resources and time, just do not give up. When a company ejects your proposal, don’t just sit back, you can still go to them and present yourself again. Its possible that they may have other vacancies which may get recommended to you.

Hope you have leant something good from this article, may be you even didn’t know that its possible and good to write a letter of ejection to a company which has refused to hire you. Now that you now know, take your chances. Best of luck in your  nextjob search.

Jobseekers Diary (Part 2)

Looking a job is one of the toughest jobs in developing countries where unemployment is high. Last time in Jobseekers diary (part one) i wrote about my experience in job search. This is a continuation of part one where am going to search.

Well, i had told you how i had written 500 curriculum Vitae and distribution was my next step. Well, if you are searching for a job, you should be very smart in the job search, you have have a well written CV and come up with a list of companies and agencies carefully selected where you hope to have a chance for a job.

With my 500 CVs, i gave out of 30 CVs to job search agencies and i made another list of 470 companies. Distribution of CVs is a tough job, you need material resources and good health. Many times, you have to face tough receptionists who seem not to care.

Lucky enough, these days, applying for jobs online is becoming more popular tough it will be hard to completely replaces door to door job search especially in developing countries where many jobs are not advertised online.

Well, i cant deny, i got some good responses. I was given a call from 30 companies which a good sign that door to door job search can be a success. Hoe, due to some unavoidable circumstances, i only managed to attend to interviews out of the 30.

As you know, interview rooms have the characteristics and questions, the usual “tell us about your self” and so on. And i remember i was good in answering all questions which crossed my way, At least, i had done some good background research on interviews and how i should go about them.

I was called back for a second interview in one of the places, and one office offered me a job. The rest did not consider me because i did not have enough experience. Well, many young graduates are left out of good jobs because of lack of experience but that is something you cant do much about.

Well, i did not go for the second interview and i did not accept the job was offered because the payment was low. However, i decided to go after a company which rejected my job applications.

Details will follow in my next post

Job Seekers Dairy

Growing up in Sowote, i dreamt of having a good job. But it was a dream, just like other kids in my neighborhood, I even did not know that I would make it through school since life was a hustle and a day lived was a day counted.

But I kept the dream until I finally got my University degree, If am to write about the hurdles I encountered on the way, I would write the biggest book in history. But all the same, I went through school and graduated. 

However, a few days to the graduation, I could imagine the world at my feet, everything seemed to be on plan and was really happy for where I had reached. In imaginations, I was a CEO of a company driving a big car in a big house with wonderful children. But that was before reality struck.

A few weeks after graduation, no jobs were coming my way, I tried applying to number of jobs online which gave me good hope within me, but times could pass without getting any call for interview. That’s when I printed around 500 resumes and distributed them to a list of famous companies which I had carefully crafted.

Wow, five hundred resumes may seem small in the mind of someone who has never seen a 3 page resume multiplied by 500. Boy, it look huge but I looked at all those papers with a smile since I was sure one of them was the key to my happiness. It would take a spell not to get a single call from an employer from all these curriculum vitae’s.  

My mum was still supporting me much, by the way, she gave me the money to print the resumes, you know, she is really great woman, from her sweat; I was able to go to school and graduate from the university.  But still after school, she was always by my side, I am always part of her prayers. You know she wishes good for me. After my graduation, she called some of her friends to connect me to a job, sadly, she did not succeed, but her hopes never faded.  She managed to get me money to print all the resumes I needed for my first serious job search.

Well, it was not easy at all, but that Is what I needed, I needed to distribute the resumes to companies, big and small and it was my first major attempt to getting my first jobs

Will be continued